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July 16, 2023


Vastu, often considered a religious element, is actually a guiding principle for designing and constructing homes and buildings. Derived from ancient texts, Vastu encompasses the principles of design, layout, measurements, and spatial arrangement. It also incorporates insights on how individuals can spiritually function in their living spaces. While various tools are used in Vastu, one particularly important tool is the Vastu Chakra. This article will explore the placement technique, benefits, and other details of the Vastu Chakra tool.

Vastu Chakra

The Vastu Chakra is a 360-degree protractor in geometrical terms. It is derived from the Feng Shui tool with aspects of Vedic sciences. In comparison to Feng Shui, Vedic sciences incorporate about 32 directions, while Feng Shui uses 24 directions. Each direction plays a role in determining the functionality and energy flow within a space. The Vastu Chakra allows individuals to accurately determine the directions and identify any structural flaws in their homes. In the past, directions were determined based on the position of the sun and the orientation of homes.

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Vastu Chakra Placement

The Vastu Chakra is influenced by the traditional elements that constitute the universe: ether, air, water, fire, and earth. These elements impact the mood and situation within a space, making them vital considerations in home design. Proper placement of the Vastu Chakra helps answer questions like where to position a kitchen, which direction a bed should face, and where to place entrances. Each direction in the Vastu Chakra is associated with specific elements. The north direction is influenced by air and water, the south by earth and fire, the west by air and earth, and the east by water and fire.

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Vastu Chakra Benefits

The primary benefit of the Vastu Chakra is its ability to structure home designs in alignment with the five elements of the universe. By understanding the positive and negative energies associated with each direction, individuals can create better home layouts. The Vastu Chakra also helps individuals harness the flow of energies to improve their overall position and situation.

Vastu Chakra Dos and Don’ts

While adhering to Vastu principles can be challenging, the Vastu Chakra provides guidance in creating a spatial-temporal setup that promotes positive mindfulness. However, always maintaining mindfulness requires immense discipline. To assist individuals, sages have formulated dos and don’ts to serve as supportive guidelines. Some of these guidelines include sleeping with the head facing the south or east direction for peaceful thoughts, having meals facing east, storing facilities in the northeast for positivity, placing kitchens in the southeast for good health, installing Vastu devices in central spaces for a positive aura, and constructing beds from wooden materials.

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What is the Vastu Chakra?

The Vastu Chakra is a 360-degree protractor tool used in Vastu and incorporates aspects of Vedic sciences and Feng Shui.

How does the Vastu Chakra benefit home design?

The Vastu Chakra helps structure home designs in alignment with the five elements of the universe and allows individuals to harness the flow of energies for better positioning and situational improvement.


How are directions associated with elements in the Vastu Chakra?

Each direction within the Vastu Chakra is guided by specific elements, such as air, water, earth, and fire, which influence the energy flow and functionality in a given space.

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What are the dos and don’ts of the Vastu Chakra?

The dos and don’ts of the Vastu Chakra include guidelines for sleeping, eating, storing facilities, kitchen placement, central spaces, and bed construction, all aimed at promoting positive energies and balance within a home.

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Understanding the significance of the Vastu Chakra is the first step in utilizing the flow of energies for our benefit. By pinpointing areas with potential positive energies and avoiding areas with negative vibrations, individuals can enhance their living spaces. With the increasing recognition of Vastu Science and related tools, it is only a matter of time before they become an authoritative alternative to modern architecture.

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