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July 16, 2023


Vastu, an ancient architectural science, provides principles for creating a harmonious and balanced living space. Whether you are planning to buy a new house or already own one, following the principles of Vastu can bring serenity, wealth, and happiness to your home. Vastu encompasses various aspects of design, layout, space arrangement, and structural geometry concepts.

While it may be challenging for contractors to guarantee Vastu-compliant properties, it is essential to understand the basic principles of Vastu for a new house. By adhering to these principles, you can ensure positive energy flow and create a blissful environment in every room of your home. From selecting the right colors to arranging furniture, each detail contributes to the overall Vastu aesthetic.

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Fundamental Principles of Vastu for New House

Before diving into specific areas of the house, let’s explore some fundamental principles of Vastu for a new house:

  • Vastu recommends a square or rectangular design for homes.
  • Rooms should be well-lit, airy, and organized.
  • Heavy furniture, such as beds and cabinets, should be placed in the southwest corner.
  • Stairs should ideally be built in the southwest direction.
  • Indoor plants and water elements like fountains or aquariums enhance positive energy.
  • The dining area should not be near the front door for a harmonious atmosphere.

The Entrance Door of the House, as per Vastu

Image source: Square Yards

The entrance door of a house holds significant importance in Vastu. It serves as the point of entry for energy and emotions into your family. According to Vastu for a new house, the main entrance should ideally face north, east, or northeast. When stepping outdoors, your door should face one of these directions. It is crucial to verify that the blueprint of the house adheres to these specific instructions.

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Vastu Tips for the Right Front Door of Your House:

  • Build the entrance using high-quality wood, as wooden doors are compatible with Vastu.
  • The main door should open inwards to keep the positive energy inside.
  • Place a barrier at the front door to prevent money loss.
  • Ensure the entrance has an odd number of stairs and is higher than the ground level.
  • Avoid having fountains or water-themed decorations outside the main door.
  • Do not keep a trash can or shoe rack inside the entrance.
  • Avoid building a bathroom close to the entrance.
  • Avoid painting the main door black; choose other colors instead.
  • Ensure adequate lighting at the entrance.
  • Decorate the main door with elegant nameplates and lucky Torans.
  • The door should open in a clockwise direction.
  • Avoid placing animal statues or sculptures near the entrance.
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Vastu Principles for the Living Room

Image source: Square Yards

The living room is where people spend most of their time and the area that creates the first impression of your home. To maintain a positive and vibrant ambiance, it is crucial to ensure that the Vastu of the living room is in harmony.


Vastu Tips for the Living Area:

  • The living room should ideally be located in the east, north, or northeast direction.
  • A living room with North-West exposure is also desirable.
  • Arrange furniture in the west or south-west direction for optimal energy flow.
  • The area designated for electrical devices should be in the southeast corner.
  • Paint the living room in light colors such as pastel pink, white, ivory, grey, or beige.
  • If there is a mirror in the living room, it should ideally be on the wall facing north.
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Master and Kid’s Bedroom – Vastu for a New House

The bedroom is a crucial area where Vastu techniques can be applied to instill positive energy and enhance relationships. Consider the following tips for the master and kid’s bedrooms:


Vastu Tips for the Master and Kid’s Bedroom:

  • The master bedroom should be positioned in the south-west for enhanced prosperity and good health.
  • Avoid sleeping in bedrooms located in the southeast or northeast as they may cause health issues and disputes between couples.
  • Place the bed with the head facing west in the south-west direction of the bedroom.
  • Avoid placing the bed opposite a mirror or television to prevent arguments and commotion.
  • Opt for neutral or earthy tones for bedroom wall paint to create a peaceful atmosphere.
  • Avoid painting the bedroom walls in black or dark blue shades.
  • Avoid paintings or sculptures representing water as they can trigger emotional responses.
  • Use mood lighting and essential oils to create a peaceful ambiance.
  • The children’s bedroom should be oriented towards the south-west direction of the new house.
  • Children should sleep with their heads inclined towards the south or east for luck and peace of mind.
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Vastu Suggestions for Kitchen

The kitchen is another important area of the house, and maintaining a clutter-free kitchen should be a priority according to Vastu. Consider the following recommendations for a Vastu-compliant kitchen:


Vastu Tips for the Kitchen:

  • The kitchen should be located on the southeast or south side since fire always travels in that direction.
  • Ensure the gas stove and sink are placed separately as fire and water are opposing elements.

Bathroom and Toilet – Vastu for a New House

The bathroom and toilet are areas that are often overlooked in terms of Vastu. However, they can significantly impact the overall energy of your home. Consider the following Vastu recommendations for the bathroom and toilet:

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Vastu Tips for Bathroom and Toilet:

  • Avoid having a toilet inside the bathroom; the optimal position is in the northwest corner, away from the kitchen walls.
  • Position mirrors above cabinets facing east or north.
  • Bathrooms should be elevated above the ground to minimize water leaks.
  • Maintain a safe distance between the geyser and the water supply.
  • Use light or neutral colors such as pale blue, pink, or grey for the restroom.
  • Avoid building restrooms and toilets in the south-west direction.
  • The bathroom door should be located on either the northern or eastern wall.
  • The optimal positioning for the toilet seat is in the northwest or southeast.
  • The bathroom window should face west, east, or north.
  • Avoid locating the kitchen or pooja room next to the toilet or bathroom.
  • The bathroom pipeline should flow in either the east or the north direction.
  • Use a wooden door for the bathroom instead of a metal door.
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Vastu Colour Scheme for New House

Colors play a significant role in creating a positive and vibrant atmosphere in your home. Consider the following Vastu color suggestions:

  • Neutral, pink, coral, orange, yellow, and various other colors neutralize negative energy.
  • If you identify a wall that appears congested despite being clean, consider painting it with one of the mentioned colors.
  • Use the suggested color scheme in pillow covers or bedsheets if any family member struggles with depression or allergies.
  • If unsure of the color scheme, opt for white paint on the walls as it reflects good vibes.
  • Avoid using black in any area of the room, as it emits negative energy.
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The goal of relocating to a new home is to live in peaceful and pleasant surroundings where serenity, optimism, and success prevail. By following Vastu tips for a new house, you can create a home that emits positive energy and incorporates Vastu principles. Embrace these principles and enjoy the benefits of a Vastu-compliant house.


Which Vastu is suitable for home?

According to Vastu, the northeast is considered the ideal direction for a house as it is connected to the God of Prosperity. The southwest direction is also believed to be significant, representing both good fortune and bad luck.

What brings positive energy to the house?

Positive energy can be brought into a house through sunlight and clean air. Ensure that the windows are left open in the morning to allow natural light and fresh air inside. Avoid having any gloomy spots in the house, and if necessary, supplement with adequate artificial lighting.

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How can I attract money at home?

To attract financial stability, Vastu suggests keeping valuables such as cash, jewelry, and important financial documents in the southwest corner of the house. Ensure that they are placed facing southwest in a safe or a cabinet.

How can I remove Vastu dosh at home?

Vastu dosh can be remedied by adding a small amount of uncrushed sea salt, which absorbs negative energy. Another way is to add a little salt to the water used for mopping the floor, which helps clear any Vastu dosh.

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