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July 28, 2023

What is Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science that focuses on creating harmony and prosperity by aligning buildings with positive energies from the surrounding environment. It aims to eliminate negativity and enhance positive energy to promote the well-being and success of individuals, families, and businesses.

Vastu for Office

Incorporating Vastu Shastra guidelines in your workplace is believed to attract good luck, fortune, and financial prosperity. Here are some important tips to follow:

Seating Arrangement for Departments

  • Entrepreneurs should sit facing the east, north, or northeast for growth and new beginnings.
  • The Sales or Marketing department should sit facing the northeast or northwest for proactiveness.
  • The Accounts department should sit facing the northeast in the southeast corner of the workplace.
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Seating Arrangement for Managers & Owners

  • People in leadership roles should face the northeast with their cabin in the west direction.
  • Business owners should face the eastern or northern directions with a solid wall behind their seat.
  • Directors, managers, and executives should sit in the corner of south, west, or southwest directions to encourage better decision-making.

Employees Seating Arrangement

  • Employees should sit in the eastern or northern direction to encourage productivity. They should avoid sitting directly under a light beam and can cover it with a plastic or wooden board.

Vastu Tips for Office Entrance

  • The office entry gate should be in the northeast, northwest, or north direction for auspiciousness and positivity. The northern direction is associated with wealth and financial profits.
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Vastu Tips for Office Interiors & Décor

  • Place a Kuber Yantra or mirror in the northern direction for financial health.
  • Avoid placing finished goods in the northeast direction and instead use the northwest direction for stock clearance.
  • Keep a safe in the southwest corner, facing the northeast for prosperity and financial security.
  • Install a water fountain in the northern direction to reduce stress and enhance career growth.

Vastu Tips for Office Machines & Electrical Equipment

Place all electronics and related items in the southeastern direction, including printers, scanners, Wi-Fi routers, and camera monitors. Weighing machines should be placed in the northwestern direction.

Vastu Tips for Office Lighting

Ensure a good amount of natural light in the workplace for positive energy. Bright lighting in the southern zone promotes a successful career. Use pleasant illumination to create a soothing effect throughout the office.

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Vastu Tips for the Reception at Workplace

  • Build the reception in the northeastern or eastern direction.
  • The receptionist should face east or north.
  • Place the company logo or profile on the southern wall. Set the reception table diagonally to the front door.

Vastu Tips for Pantry at the Workplace

  • The pantry should be constructed in the southeastern direction, avoiding the northern direction.
  • Paint the walls in green or light blue colors and place plants inside the pantry.

Vastu Tips for Office Washrooms

  • Place washrooms in the west or northwest direction of the office.
  • Avoid placing washrooms in the northeast, southeast, or east direction.
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Vastu Tips for Office Staircase

  • Construct the staircase in the southwest or south direction.
  • Avoid spiral staircases, and paint the staircase with light colors.
  • Avoid placing the staircase in the middle of the office to prevent financial drain.
  • Keep plants on the sides of the staircase.
  • The staircase should have an odd number of steps.

Vastu Shastra for Elevators/Lifts Installation in Office

  • Install elevators/lifts in the north or east direction, avoiding the northeast or southwest direction.
  • Avoid installing lifts at the main entrance to maintain positive energy.
  • Avoid placing mirrors on the left side of the lifts/elevators.

Tips for Chair, Desk, and Cabins as per Vastu Office

  • Place a mountain scenery behind your chair for positive energy.
  • Use a turquoise pyramid on top of your desk to improve relationships.
  • Maintain a clutter-free and clean desk, avoiding piling up unimportant documents.
  • Keep important papers and books locked away.
  • Avoid broken or discolored chairs and opt for comfortable and spacious chairs with good support.
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Vastu Tips for Office Wall Colors

Use bright colors for office decor and walls as they spread positivity and reflect light. Consider the following colors for different directions:

  • Green: Promotes harmony in the southwest direction.
  • Red and Pink: Can be used on south walls to promote positive energy.
  • Blue: Creates a cheerful atmosphere in the southern walls.
  • White: Use different shades of cream, white, and yellow in the southeast, northeast, northwest, and east directions.

Vastu Tips for Placing Office Furniture

  • In a north-facing workstation, place elements on the left-hand side of the desk.
  • In an east-facing workstation, use the right side for storage.
  • Avoid fancy-shaped desks and eating at the workstation.
  • The boss’s desk should be rectangular or square, made of superior wood material.
  • Use comfortable and spacious chairs with a touch of red and white accessories.
  • Avoid iron chairs and keep all furniture edges round and in light polish.
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Vastu Tips for Factory Office

For a factory office, the ideal location is the northeast direction. The MD/CEO/Owner should face the northeast during business deals and avoid beams over the meeting table.

Vastu Tips for South-Facing Offices

In south-facing workplaces, keep the plot square or rectangular and use the west-south direction for heavy structures. Ensure open space in the north-east area and slope the workplace towards the east, north, or north-east. Use maroon or red for the office shutter and position the glass entrance in the southeast direction.

Learn More About Vastu Shastra

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best direction to face while working from home?

While working at home, the work desk must be placed in the south-western direction while you should be facing the north-eastern direction. This placement promotes productivity and positive energy.

What is the best direction to face while working from the office?

As per Vastu Office, entrepreneurs should sit facing the east, north, or northeast directions to attract auspiciousness and promote growth.

Which is the best direction for the boss’s cabin?

The cabin of the boss or senior officer should be in the south-western direction to maintain authority and stability in the workplace.

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