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When applying for a PAN card, it is important to provide the correct AO code. The AO code, or Assessing Officer code, is a crucial identifier that determines your tax jurisdiction and the applicable tax laws. The AO code is different for individuals, companies, and even specific categories of taxpayers such as those serving in the Air Force or Indian Military. This code ensures that taxes are calculated and paid accurately for both individuals and organizations. In this blog post, we will explore how to find your AO code online, understand different AO code types, and provide answers to frequently asked questions related to this topic.

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How to Find Your AO Code for PAN Online?

Finding your AO code for PAN online is a simple process. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. First, identify whether you are an individual salaried taxpayer or a non-salaried individual.
  2. Select your resident or office address based on the category you fall under.
  3. Visit the government-authorized PAN website, such as the Protean eGov Technologies Limited website or the UTIITSL website.
  4. Search for your city by its initial alphabet on the website and select it.
  5. Read the description and select the area where your office or company falls within the chosen city.
  6. Note down the Area Code, AO Type, Range Type, and the AO Number to obtain your AO code.
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Note: The AO code will be in the format of [Area Code] [AO Type] [Range Code] [AO Number]. For example, the AO code for Delhi can be DEL W 36 3.

Know Your PAN Card AO Codes and Jurisdictional AO for Top Cities

Each top city has its own set of AO codes and jurisdictional AOs. You can easily find the AO codes for top cities by visiting the respective government websites. For example, if you want to know the AO code for Delhi, you can visit the link provided for Delhi on the government website. Here, you will find a list of AO codes specific to different areas in Delhi. Simply search for your area code, range code, and AO code to determine the appropriate AO for your PAN card.

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How is AO Code Determined?

The AO code is determined based on two factors: your address and the category of taxpayer you fall under. For individual taxpayers, the AO code is based on their registered area and address. However, if you are earning income aside from your salary, your AO code will be based on your home address. For non-individual taxpayers, such as organizations or firms, the AO code is based on their office address. Additionally, there are specific AO codes for defense personnel, such as Army and Air Force personnel, which are different from regular taxpayers.

Elements of an AO Code

An AO code for PAN consists of four primary elements:

  • Area Code: This represents the region where the Assessing Officer has jurisdiction.
  • AO Type: This indicates the type of Assessing Officer assigned to an individual, which can be Ward, Circle, Range, or Commissioner.
  • Range Code: This is the code of the range where the Assessing Officer operates functionally.
  • AO Number: This is a specific number assigned to the Assessing Officer of a particular area.
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AO Code Types

AO codes are categorized into four types, each applicable to different scenarios:

  1. International Taxation: This type applies to foreigners, companies located outside India, or any individual applicant with international tax implications.
  2. Non-International Taxation (Except Mumbai): This type applies to all entities registered in India, excluding Mumbai.
  3. Non-International Taxation (Mumbai): This type applies specifically to individuals and companies residing or registered in Mumbai.
  4. Defense Personnel: This type is for members of the Indian Army or Indian Air Force.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions related to AO codes for PAN:

What is the AO code in a PAN card?

The AO code in a PAN card is a combination of the Area code, AO Type, Range code, and AO number. It is used to define the jurisdiction of the Assessing Officer and must be provided while filing the PAN card application.

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What is the AO Code of Mumbai?

The AO code of Mumbai is MUM – W – 222 – 91. This code is assigned to the Assessing Officer who has jurisdiction over the applicant’s income tax return filed in Mumbai.

How do I contact AO for a refund?

You can contact the e-filing and Centralised Processing Centre through the provided toll-free numbers – 1800 103 0025, 1800 419 0025, +91-80-46122000, and +91-80-61464700.

What is AO Type C?

AO Type C represents a Circle under the jurisdiction of the Assessing Officer. If your income is equal to or more than Rs. 10 lakhs, you will fall under this AO type.

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Is there any AO Code for students?

No, there is no specific AO code for students. AO codes are determined based on address and taxpayer category.

How to find an AO code for an unemployed person?

For an unemployed person, there is no specific AO code. However, the applicant can choose a salary amount for the purpose of PAN application.

How to find an AO code for PAN?

To find an AO code, you can contact the Income Tax department or visit authorized websites such as Protean eGov Technologies Limited. The website will provide details of your area and the corresponding AO code.

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Can an individual change the AO code anytime?

An individual cannot change their AO code unless they have changed their residential address. The AO code is linked to the jurisdiction of the Assessing Officer based on the residential address provided.


Providing the correct AO code is crucial when applying for a PAN card, as it ensures accurate tax assessment and payment. By following the provided steps, you can easily find your AO code online and understand the different AO code types. Make sure to note down the necessary details for future reference. If you have any further questions or need assistance, you can contact the authorized channels provided. Ensure that you always provide accurate and up-to-date information to prevent any issues or delays in your tax-related processes. Happy filing!

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