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July 27, 2023

Bulk PAN Verification: A Comprehensive Guide

Under the new taxation regime, it is mandatory for any individual involved in TDS collection or deduction to verify the PAN details of the deductee. To examine the PAN details of deductees in a financial year, the process of bulk PAN verification becomes essential. This service can be obtained from approved government or non-government agencies. In this blog post, we will discuss in detail the bulk PAN verification process and associated charges.

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Bulk PAN Verification Service for External Agencies

Both government and non-government institutions have the option to register as a PAN verification agency. Some of the agencies that fall under this category are UTIITSL, NSDL, MCA, CBEC, and DGFT. Additionally, PAN card details can also be verified in bulk on the income tax e-filing portal.

Registration for Bulk PAN Verification

Any agency or entity wishing to register for bulk PAN verification needs to register themselves on the official income tax filing portal. Here are the steps to register for bulk PAN verification:

Step 1: Visit the official return filing portal of the income tax department and click on the ‘Register Yourself’ tab on the homepage.

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Step 2: Select your user type by clicking on the ‘Bulk PAN Verification User’ option.

Step 3: Provide PAN/TAN details, PAN details of the principal contact person, correspondence details, password, and digital signature certificate.

Step 4: Click on ‘Submit’.

Step 5: The user needs to provide an authorization letter from the head of the agency. The PAN verification application is then processed and evaluated once all the documents are received.

Step 6: A mail containing the login details and verification link will be sent to the registered email address. Activate the e-filing account by clicking on the activation link.

Step 7: The user can now log on to the portal with the created login details.

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Bulk PAN Verification Process

The following steps outline the process to verify PAN in bulk on the income tax e-filing portal:

Step 1: Once registered for bulk PAN verification, visit the income tax e-filing portal.

Step 2: Go to the bulk PAN query page and click on the ‘Upload Query’ tab.

Step 3: Upload the query in XML format and click on the ‘Submit’ button.

Step 4: Once the query is submitted successfully, a token number will be provided to the user.

Step 5: Use the token number to verify the details of the PAN uploaded to the portal.

Other Modes of Bulk PAN Verification

Besides verifying PAN on the income tax e-filing portal, there are three other modes of bulk PAN verification:

  • Verification Based on File and Screen: This method allows verification of up to 1000 PAN details at once. A pre-determined file format needs to be used to upload the PAN list. The verification process generally takes up to 24 hours, and the results can be downloaded within 15 days.
  • Verification Based on Screen: This method allows for the verification of 5 PAN details simultaneously. The verification results are instantly displayed on the screen.
  • API Software Based Verification: Users can verify PAN in bulk using the software provided by the authorities. This interface offers software for online bulk PAN verification through the e-filing portal.
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Common Responses to a Bulk PAN Verification Request

After submitting the PAN details for verification, the authorities will process the details and respond accordingly. Some common responses include:

  • Fake PAN: Marked as “Fake”
  • Valid PAN: Details such as cardholder’s name, PAN status, name, and last PAN update date.
  • Valid PAN with merger/acquisition details: Details such as name on PAN, last PAN update date, event and PAN status, and cardholder’s name.
  • No PAN Details in Database: Not present in ITD database.

Bulk PAN Verification Charges

The registration charges for bulk PAN verification are charged annually and vary based on the method of verification. The charges for bulk PAN verification (inclusive of 18% GST) are as follows:

  • File and Screen-based Verification: Rs.14,160
  • Software Based Verification: Rs.14,160
  • Screen-based Verification: Rs.14,160
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User-Paying Model of Bulk PAN Verification

Government and non-government agencies approved by the income tax authorities can opt for the User-Paying Model of Bulk PAN Verification. This service is charged on an annual basis, and agencies can choose their own method of verification.

The fees for this service are Rs. 12,000 + 18% GST. The registration needs to be renewed annually, and the charges for renewal and initial registration remain the same.

Agencies availing this service receive a certain number of free verifications per day. Any additional verification requests need to be paid for by the user. Agencies using the file and screen-based or software-based methods need to ensure sufficient balance against the profile for processing verifications exceeding the daily free limit. All transactions for this verification model are charged with 18% GST.

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Fees for PAN Verification Beyond the Free Limit

The following table shows the fees users have to pay for file and screen-based PAN verification beyond the free limit:

Number of PAN 1st Slab 2nd Slab 3rd Slab 4th Slab
1-200 Rs. 60 Rs. 50 Rs. 30 Rs. 10
201-400 Rs. 120 Rs. 100 Rs. 60 Rs. 20
401-600 Rs. 180 Rs. 150 Rs. 90 Rs. 30
601-800 Rs. 240 Rs. 200 Rs. 120 Rs. 40
801-1000 Rs. 300 Rs. 250 Rs. 150 Rs. 50

Fees for Software Based PAN Verification Beyond the Free Limit

The fees and charges for software-based bulk PAN verification beyond the free permissible limit are as follows:

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No. PANs Verified Fees / PAN Card Maximum Daily Free Limit
Not more than 7.5 lakh PAN Rs. 0.30 750
Over 7.5 lakh up to 15 lakh PAN Rs. 0.25 1,000
Over 15 lakh up to 30 lakh PAN Rs. 0.15 1,500
More than 30 lakh PAN Rs. 0.05 2,500


Bulk PAN verification is an essential process under the new taxation regime. Approved government or non-government agencies can provide this service after registering on the income tax filing portal. The charges for bulk PAN verification vary based on the verification method chosen. By understanding the process and associated charges, agencies can ensure smooth and hassle-free bulk PAN verification.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I am an individual taxpayer, can I avail the bulk PAN verification service?

No, an individual taxpayer is not eligible for this service. This service is only available to certain agencies approved by the income tax authorities.

Can I upload bulk PAN verification and TAN verification in the same template?

No, you cannot upload both queries at the same time. During the process, you will be required to select the type of query you want to continue with. You will need to upload both of these requests separately.

What is the maximum limit for uploading PAN details in one verification template?

You can upload a maximum of 100 PAN details in one verification template.

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Is there a daily limit for verification on the income tax portal?

No, there is no daily limit for uploading PAN details on the income tax e-filing portal. You can upload up to 100 PAN details in one go and repeat the process any number of times in a day.

What is the registration validity for an external agency for bulk PAN verification?

Once the agency is registered on the income tax filing portal, the verification service is valid for the entire lifetime of the agency.

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