July 24, 2023

Vastu Dosh Remedies that Can Help Transform Your Home

Vastu dosh, which refers to the deficiencies in the characteristics of the eight directions, can have a significant impact on our lives. It can lead to poor relationships, financial problems, family disputes, accidents, and other negative effects. While many Vastu corrections are structural, there are several remedies that can help alleviate the effects of Vastu dosh without major renovations. In this article, we will explore some popular Vastu dosh remedies that can transform your home and create a harmonious environment.

Sea Salt

One of the most effective Vastu dosh remedies is to keep sea salt in your home. Place uncrushed sea salt in the corners of your house to absorb negative energy. You can also add sea salt to water and use it to clean the floors. Make sure to change the salt every alternate day for a peaceful environment.

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Positioning mirrors in the right direction can help remove Vastu dosh. Avoid placing mirrors opposite the main door and ensure that the bedroom mirror does not reflect the bed. By placing mirrors strategically, you can enhance the flow of positivity in your home.

Camphor Crystals

Camphor crystals are another effective Vastu dosh remedy. These crystals help eliminate negative energy and can bring positive changes to your life. You can place camphor balls in your home and replace them when they shrink to experience the vibrations of your house.

Pyramids as Vastu Dosh Nivaran

Pyramids are popular Vastu dosh remedies that serve as yantras. These miniatures of pyramids, made of various materials, can be placed at the entrance of your home under the guidance of a Vastu expert. They are believed to keep negative vibrations at bay.

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Wind Chimes

Wind chimes not only add a decorative touch to your home but also regulate the energies within. Place wind chimes with 6 to 8 hollow rods at the entrance of your home to enhance positive energies. The rods and shape of the wind chimes should be chosen based on the specific Vastu dosh that needs to be addressed.

Crystal Balls

Crystal balls, made of clear quartz, have an aesthetic appeal and can amplify specific intentions, energies, or thoughts. They absorb various energies, so it is important to keep them clean. Different colors of crystal balls have different benefits, such as pink for relationships, red for luck, and orange for money.

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Horse Shoe

Horse shoe is a well-known yantra for attracting wealth and good fortune. When placing a horseshoe, make sure its open ends face upwards to trap positive energy. It is ideal to place the horseshoe at the entrance door to prevent energy from draining out of your home.


Colors play a vital role in altering energies in our homes. According to Vastu Shastra, certain colors invite positive vibes. Choose the right colors for different rooms in your home. For example, green, pink, and blue are perfect for the master bedroom and living room, while yellow and orange are ideal for the kids’ room.

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Family Photos

Hanging family photos in your home can foster positive vibrations and enhance family relationships. Display family photographs on the walls using unique frames to create a sense of togetherness and positivity.

Illuminated Main Door

Ensure that your main entrance is well-lit to attract positive energy. According to Vastu Shastra, dark corners should be avoided in the house. A well-illuminated main door contributes to a flow of divine energy into your home.


An aquarium is considered an effective Vastu dosh yantra. Place an aquarium in the North-East section of your living room to promote positive vibrations in your home. The presence of fish and water elements can have a positive impact on the energy of your space.

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Image on Front Wall

According to Vastu, the first wall of your home, which can be the one opposite the main door, should have a picture of the deity or god that you believe in. Leaving the wall empty is believed to lead to financial problems in the home.

Remove Broken Clocks and Mirrors

If you have broken clocks, mirrors, or pots in your home, it is important to get rid of them. These items are said to bring bad luck. Replace them with new ones to prevent health or financial issues.

Swimming Pool’s Correct Direction

The direction of your swimming pool plays a significant role in Vastu. According to Vastu principles, the swimming pool should not be located in the South, West, or Southwest direction. The East or North direction is considered auspicious for the placement of a swimming pool.

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Eradicate Old Pots

Objects made of clay should be replaced periodically, according to Vastu principles. Ensure that you get rid of old pots and avoid reusing old clay pots in a new home.


Vastu dosh can disrupt the harmony of our homes and lives. However, by incorporating these Vastu dosh remedies, you can transform your home and create a positive and harmonious environment. These remedies, which include sea salt, mirrors, camphor crystals, pyramids, wind chimes, crystal balls, and more, can help you maintain a balance in health, relationships, finance, and overall well-being. Make these small changes in line with Vastu principles and experience the positive impact they create in your life!

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How can Vastu dosh be avoided at home?

Vastu dosh can be avoided at home by placing furniture and puja rooms in the right direction, using appropriate colors, and following the correct direction of cooking.

How to remove Vastu dosh from the house?

Vastu dosh can be removed from the house by using remedies such as sea salts, mirrors, camphor crystals, pyramids, wind chimes, crystal balls, and other Vastu dosh nivaran mantras.

What causes Vastu dosh?

Vastu dosh is caused by cuts or extensions in any of the four directions. These dosh can lead to various health problems and negative effects on the residents.

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What are Vastu-related problems?

Vastu dosh can result in severe health problems such as heart attacks, brain hemorrhages, and paralysis. It can also lead to sickness in children and pregnancy complications.

Does Vastu affect your life?

Vastu is not essential for living, but it can help in leading a healthier and more balanced life. Removing Vastu dosh from your home can have a positive impact on your overall well-being.

Implement these Vastu dosh remedies and experience the positive transformations they bring to your home and life!

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