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July 28, 2023


When it comes to visiting a clinic or a medical room, nobody wants to be there, but sometimes it becomes unavoidable. However, what if the negative energies in the clinic worsen the situation? This is where Vastu plays a crucial role. Vastu principles for the clinic ensure a positive ambience and contribute to the patients’ speedy recovery.

Vastu for the Entrance of Clinic

The entrance gate of the clinic should ideally be in the north, east, or northeast direction. These directions create a positive environment and eliminate fear for the patients. If these directions are not available, the southwest, west, or south directions can be used as alternatives.

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Vastu for Clinic’s Waiting Area

The waiting area in the clinic should preferably be located in the northeast or north direction. These directions help patients stay calm and relaxed. However, it is important to avoid constructing the waiting area in the southeast direction as it can cause uneasiness and disputes.

Vastu Tip for Doctor’s Location

The doctor’s chamber should ideally be in the southwest, west, or south direction. These directions promote concentration and a peaceful working environment. The northeast direction is considered the best as it allows doctors to focus on treatments and understand patients better. Doctors facing east while working is also beneficial.

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The Right Colours as per Vastu for Clinic

Choose light shades of green, pink, or white for the clinic’s colour scheme. These colours create a soothing and positive environment. Avoid using dark shades like red, violet, or black as they attract negative energies and disturb the peace of the clinic.

Placement of Doctor’s Chair as per Vastu

For a positive impact on patients’ lives, doctors should use a white, beige, or cream-coloured chair. Avoid using black or dark-coloured chairs as they can have negative effects. It is also advised to avoid dark-coloured carpets in the medical room.

Correct Placement of Furniture as per Vastu

Vastu recommends specific placements for furniture in the clinic. For example, the examination table should be placed in the northeast corner, with the patient’s head facing east and legs pointing west. Extra furniture should be placed in the southwest corner, and only rectangular or square-shaped furniture should be used. Avoid placing furniture that has distorted shapes. Maintain a 3-inch gap between each piece of furniture to ensure the smooth flow of energy in the clinic.

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Some General Vastu Tips for Clinic

  • Hang sceneries or pictures depicting happiness in the medical room to create a soothing environment for patients.
  • Play relaxing music in the hall or waiting area to promote a positive atmosphere.
  • Avoid constructing washrooms in the northeast, southwest, or central part of the clinic as they attract negative energies.
  • Place the examination bed in the northwest direction so that the patient’s head faces east and legs face west.
  • Choose the north or east direction for the reception area.
  • Place medical equipment in the southeast direction.
  • Consider placing a small temple in the corner of the medical room to maintain auspiciousness.
  • Use a water fountain to enhance the peaceful atmosphere.
  • Avoid keeping a fish aquarium in the medical room.
  • Keep the clinic clean and clutter-free.
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Clinic Vastu in a Nutshell

By focusing on the Vastu of the clinic, one can create a more peaceful and calming environment, enhancing the overall experience for both doctors and patients.

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What is the best direction to sit in a clinic?

North, northeast, or east directions are considered to be right for sitting in a clinic.

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What is the best colour for a clinic?

Light shades of pink, blue, and cream are considered the best colours for a clinic.

Is Vastu important for good health?

It is believed that if a structure is not Vastu compliant, it can adversely affect the health of the inhabitants.

What causes health issues according to Vastu?

Dripping taps, using the space under stairs for a toilet, store, or kitchen, and not facing north or east while studying or working can cause health problems according to Vastu principles.


Vastu for clinics is an essential aspect that contributes to creating a positive and healing environment. By following the Vastu guidelines mentioned above, clinics can ensure a peaceful experience for both doctors and patients. If you’re looking to set up a clinic or improve the Vastu of an existing one, consider implementing these tips for a harmonious and beneficial space.

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Do you have any more questions about clinic Vastu? Feel free to reach out to us, and we’ll be happy to assist you!


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