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July 31, 2023


In the world of real estate, Vastu Shastra holds significant importance. Many people believe in incorporating Vastu principles when buying a plot or constructing a house. Factors like the size of the plot and its location, including the presence of two side roads, can impact the overall positivity and prosperity in a family. In this blog post, we will explore various Vastu guidelines and tips to consider when selecting a plot. So, let’s dive in!

Vastu for Plot Size

According to Vastu, the ideal plot size is rectangular with a length and width ratio of 1:2 or less. This shape maximizes the benefits and prosperity for the owners of the house.

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Two Side Road Plot Vastu

When it comes to the location and roads surrounding a plot, two side road plot Vastu plays a crucial role. Let’s explore different scenarios and their Vastu implications:

Land with Two Roads on South and North Side

– A plot with roads on the South and North sides, along with a lower level on the Northside, is considered a B-grade plot according to Vastu.
– However, if the plot has a low level on the Southside, it falls under the D-grade category, indicating it is not suitable for investment.

Land with Two Roads on West and East Side

– If the plot has roads on both the West and East sides, with the land and road sloping towards the East, it is categorized as a B-grade land.
– On the other hand, if the plot slopes towards the West, it is considered a D-grade land and should be avoided for both commercial and residential purposes.

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Land with Two Roads on West and South Side

– Plots with roads on both the West and South sides are considered unlucky according to Vastu.
– It is believed that such a location brings financial instability for the male members of the family, and other members may suffer from physical illnesses.

Land with Two Roads on South and East Side

– Plots with roads on the South and East sides, known as “Agneya plots,” are considered extremely unlucky.
– Such plots have negative effects on the women of the house, and there are high chances of financial tensions within the family.
– However, there are remedies available to remove the Doshas from this kind of plot.

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Land with Two Roads on West and North Side

– As per two side road plot Vastu, plots with twin roads on the West and North sides are considered A-Grade properties.
– These plots are ideal for investment and bring immense luck and benefits to the owner’s life, especially when certain structural criteria are met.

Three Side Road Plot As per Vastu

Properties with roads on three sides and open on one side are considered better than two-road properties. Let’s explore different scenarios and their Vastu implications:

Land with the roads on West, North, and Southside

– If the plot has roads on the West, North, and South sides, it is important to make the house entrance on either the East or North side, as the South side is not considered favorable.

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Land with the roads on West, North, and East side

– Plots with roads on the West, North, and East sides are considered favorable for both residential and commercial properties.
– The East side is recommended for the entrance if you have the choice.

Land with the roads on East, North, and Southside

– If the main road of the house is on the South side, it is considered auspicious.
– Properties on the East, South, and North sides are also considered favorable for residential purposes.

Land with the roads on West, South, and East side

– According to Vastu, this arrangement of roads is considered the best, as it brings positive vibrations to the home.
– The East, North, and North-East corners of the plot invite good luck and positive energy.

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The Shape of a Plot as per Vastu

The shape of a plot also plays a crucial role in Vastu. Here are some guidelines to select the best shape of a plot:

– Avoid buying plots with peculiar shapes like triangular, semi-circular, L-shaped, circular, or oval. Rectangular or square-shaped plots are considered best as per Vastu.
– Plots shaped like pots should only be bought after consulting Vastu experts, as they have specific directional considerations.
– “Gaumukhi” plots, which are wide in the rear and narrow in the front, are considered auspicious for residential purposes. The roads should cross from the Eastern and Northern sides.
“Shermukhi” plots, which are narrow in the rear and broad in the front, are considered auspicious for commercial purposes. The roads should pass from the Eastern and Northern sides.

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The Ideal Shape of a Plot

– Square plots are considered the most favorable shape, as they symbolize completeness and bring good luck to a house. East, North, or Northeast-facing square plots yield the best results.
– Rectangular plots, similar to square plots, represent completeness. South or North slope rectangular plots are ideal for residential or commercial properties. A length and width ratio of 1:2 is recommended for maximum benefits.

Surroundings of the Plot

The surroundings of the plot also contribute to its Vastu qualities. Consider the following factors:

– The plot should be fertile with plants or grass growing on it, as per Vastu.
– Avoid plots adjacent to hospitals, schools, temples, graveyards, or cemeteries.
– The plot should not be sandwiched between two larger plots, and a big pit or valley in the vicinity is considered inauspicious.
– The entrance of the plot should face the East or North directions. Avoid having a power pole in the North-East corner of the land, as it belongs to water.

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Land Cut-outs According to Vastu

Certain cut-outs or extensions in a plot can influence its Vastu. Here are some scenarios and their implications:

– A cut in the North-East corner of the plot is considered inauspicious and may hinder growth in life.
– A cut in the North-West corner signifies sickness in the family and may hinder profit growth for commercial purposes.
– A cut in the South-West corner may lead to increased pressure in life, affecting health, relationships, finances, or psychological well-being.
– A cut in the South-East corner can cause obstructions in life, such as poverty, family or business losses, and diseases.

Vastu Tips for Plot Selection

To ensure a successful plot selection, consider the following Vastu tips:

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– Avoid purchasing land with a decaying smell or properties containing rocks, bones, thorns, etc.
– Discovering items like gravel, turtles, cow horns, bricks, etc., during digging is considered auspicious, while gold, iron, lead, tiles, tattered clothes, etc., are seen as inauspicious.
– Plots with mountains in the North and a river to the South are considered inauspicious.
– Plots with roads running in all directions are suitable for commercial purposes.
– Avoid plots near sewage points, garbage dumps, or adjacent to hospitals, schools, temples, graveyards, or cemeteries.
– For residential purposes, prefer flat plots; slopes in the North-East or South-West direction may lead to health hazards.
– Triangular plots are considered the most inauspicious and should be avoided.

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Vastu for Agriculture Land

Vastu principles can also enhance agricultural growth. Consider the following tips for agriculture land Vastu:

– Avoid land with a road on the South side, as it is considered unfavorable.
– Do not create a passage between two agricultural lands, as per Vastu.
– Slope the agricultural land towards the East and North for maximum benefits, avoiding slopes towards the South and West.
– Avoid multilevel agricultural land; the land should be level for optimal results.
– Agricultural land should ideally be rectangular or square, without cuts in the South-East or South-West directions.
– Plant tall trees on the Western or Southern sides to improve agricultural yield.
– Sow seeds in the East-West direction for better sunlight exposure.
– Place underground water storage in the North-Eastern direction of the Northern or Eastern sides.

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Remedies for Defects in Vastu for Plots

If your plot has Vastu defects, you can consider the following remedies:

– If the plot has an irregular shape, divide it into two regular plots using compound walls.
– Construct a garage or shop in the South-West extension of the plot to remedy the fault, or plan a small temple or garden in the North-East extension.
– Vastu pyramids can be constructed to nullify the impact of plot extensions in various directions.


In conclusion, selecting a plot based on Vastu principles can greatly enhance the overall positivity and prosperity in a property. By considering factors like plot size, roads, shape, surroundings, and agricultural land Vastu, you can make an informed decision and enjoy the maximum benefits. So, keep these tips in mind while selecting your plot and create a harmonious living or working space.

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