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July 31, 2023


Pop interior design has become popular not only in commercial spaces but also in residential areas. The modern pop plus-minus design has gained prominence for ceilings and walls in homes. In this article, we will explore 15 modern pop plus-minus design ideas for ceilings and walls in 2021. These designs incorporate various elements such as flowers, brick walls, film rolls, guitars, and more. Each design adds a unique touch to different rooms in the house, enhancing the overall appearance and ambiance. Let’s delve into these inspiring design ideas and find the perfect one for your home.

1. Pop Design with Flowers

A bedroom can look luxuriously modern with a floral pop design on the walls. Adding a pastel color to the ceiling enhances the overall appeal of this design. It creates a luxurious and elegant atmosphere, perfect for a relaxing bedroom.

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2. Brick Wall Pop Design

To introduce a rustic touch to your living room, consider incorporating a brick wall pop design. The rough texture of the brick wall combined with pop elements creates an interesting and visually appealing contrast. It adds character and warmth to the space.

3. A Yin and Yang Pop Design

This pop design with a Yin and Yang theme exudes beauty and harmony. It is particularly suitable for the living room ceiling. The monochromatic look of this design adds a touch of sophistication and peace to the space.

4. A Film Roll Pop Design

Create a relaxing and cozy atmosphere in your lounge area with a film roll pop design on the ceiling. This design is perfect for book reading or movie-watching sessions. It showcases your love for films and adds an interesting element to the room.

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5. Guitar Modern Pop Plus Minus Design

If you’re a musician, why not incorporate your passion into the design of your living room? Create a modern pop plus-minus design on the bedroom ceiling with a guitar motif. It adds a personal touch and reflects your love for music.

6. Simple Layout Pop Design

Sometimes, less is more. A simple layout pop design for the lobby roof can balance the overall decor without overwhelming the space. It adds a subtle and elegant element to the room and creates a harmonious ambiance.

7. Rectangular Pop Design

When dealing with small spaces, a rectangular block pop design works wonders. It is an excellent choice for drawing rooms or small bedrooms. The plus-minus design adds depth and dimension to the space.

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8. The Modern Ceiling

The modern ceiling, especially when colored white or off-white, looks amazing. To create a vibrant look, choose colorful lighting instead of bright paints. This modern pop plus-minus design idea adds a contemporary touch to any room.

9. Religious Pop Designs

If you’re a devotee, consider incorporating religious pop designs into your home decor. For example, you can include the Om design with pop on the wall behind the idol in your puja room. It adds a spiritual and sacred element to the space.

10. Pop Design for Drawing Room

A large or medium-sized drawing room can benefit from the modern pop plus-minus design. It creates an extravagant and luxurious look, especially when paired with an extravagant chandelier. This design is perfect for those who want to make a statement.

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11. Tropical Leaves on Boho Interior

Create a tropical and boho-inspired look in your lobby by incorporating tropical leaf designs made of pop. Start from the middle of the ceiling and paint it with a boho tropical green color. Extend the design from one corner of the ceiling to the other. This design creates a fresh and vibrant atmosphere.

12. Murals on Luxurious Ceiling’s Corners

Create a luxurious and palace-like look by adding murals to the corners of your ceilings. Combine the murals with straight lines for a stunning effect. This ancient design adds grandeur and elegance to your home interior.

13. Make Fireplace Look like the Unit

Elevate the design of your fireplace by making it look like a unit. Use pop to create a unit design on the wall of the fireplace. This false design enhances the glamour and aesthetic appeal of your fireplace.

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14. The Circle Cut

Sometimes, simplicity is the key to elegance. The circle cut design adds a touch of elegance to the ceiling with its plain texture. Paint the ceiling in a light shade to create a pleasing and soothing ambiance.

15. Fish Scale Pop Design

Create a visually satisfying and unique pop design by incorporating fish scale patterns on your living room wall. Keeping the design entirely white adds a touch of sophistication. Or, add details in vibrant colors for a bold statement. This design is sure to captivate your guests and make a lasting impression.


These 15 modern pop plus-minus design ideas for ceilings and walls offer endless possibilities for transforming your home interior. From floral patterns to rustic brick walls and from musical motifs to religious symbols, these designs cater to various preferences and styles. Consult an experienced interior designer to bring these designs to life in your own home. Enjoy the process of beautifying your home with these inspiring design ideas.

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1. What are the modern pop plus-minus design ideas for ceilings and walls?

– Pop Design with Flowers
– Brick Wall Pop Design
– A Yin and Yang Pop Design
– A Film Roll Pop Design
– Guitar Modern Pop Plus Minus Design
– Simple Layout Pop Design
– Rectangular Pop Design
– The Modern Ceiling
– Religious Pop Designs
– Pop Design for Drawing Room
– Tropical leaves on boho interior
– Murals on luxurious ceiling’s corners
– Make fireplace look like the unit
– The Circle Cut
– Fish Scale Pop Design

2. Where can I use these pop designs in my home?

These pop designs can be used in various rooms of your home, including bedrooms, living rooms, drawing rooms, lobbies, and even puja rooms.

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3. How can I incorporate a rustic touch into my living room?

You can incorporate a rustic touch into your living room by using a brick wall pop design. The rough texture of the brick wall combined with pop elements creates a perfect rustic ambiance.

4. Can I customize these pop designs according to my preferences?

Yes, these pop designs can be customized according to your preferences. You can choose different colors, patterns, and motifs to suit your personal style and aesthetic.

5. Which pop design is suitable for small spaces?

The rectangular pop design is a good choice for small spaces as it adds depth and dimension without overwhelming the area.

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6. How can I create a tropical and boho-inspired look in my lobby?

To create a tropical and boho-inspired look, incorporate tropical leaf designs made of pop. Paint them with a boho tropical green color and extend the design from one corner of the ceiling to the other.

7. Can I incorporate religious symbols into my pop designs?

Yes, you can incorporate religious symbols such as the Om design into pop designs, especially in your puja room or any area dedicated to worship.

Explore these modern pop plus-minus designs and add a touch of creativity to your home interior!


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