July 31, 2023


If you are an Indian citizen or a foreigner conducting financial activities in India, having a PAN card is essential. The PAN number is a unique alphanumeric identification number issued to eligible taxpayers according to the Income Tax Act. Previously, the process of applying for a PAN card was cumbersome and time-consuming, taking up to 20 days. However, the government has introduced a fast-tracked process that allows applicants to receive their PAN card within 48 hours. In this blog post, we will explore how to apply for a PAN card in 48 hours and how to check the PAN verification status online.

Process to Get PAN Card in 48 Hours

Typically, it takes around 15 to 20 days for the PAN card to be issued after submitting the application. However, there is now an expedited process available, allowing applicants to receive their PAN card in just 48 hours. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Step 1: Visit the NSDL website and select the relevant application form.
  • Step 2: Carefully review the guidelines and select the appropriate form and applicant type.
  • Step 3: Fill in all the required details and upload the supporting documents.
  • Step 4: Upon submission, you will receive an acknowledgement number to track the application status.
  • Step 5: Your PAN card will be delivered to your registered communication address within 48 hours.
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What is the Structure of a PAN Card?

Now that we have covered the process of obtaining a PAN card in 48 hours, let’s take a closer look at the structure of a PAN card. A PAN card consists of 10 alphanumeric characters with specific meanings:

  • The first 3 characters are a random combination of alphabets.
  • The 4th character denotes the applicant type (individual, firm, company, etc.).
  • The 5th character represents the first character of the applicant’s surname (for individuals) or the first character of the organization’s name (for entities).
  • The last character is a random alphabet.

Which Details Are Included in My PAN Card?

A PAN card typically includes the following details about the cardholder:

  • Name of the individual/entity
  • Date of birth/date of registration
  • 10-digit PAN number, providing a unique identity to the holder
  • Date of issue
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How to Get a PAN Card?

Once the application and supporting documents have been processed and verified, the Income Tax Department will issue a PAN card to the applicant. There are offline and online application options available:

To apply online, visit the NSDL website, fill out the form, and submit the required documents. To apply offline, download the form from the NSDL website and submit it along with the supporting documents to the nearest PAN Service Center.

Can I Collect PAN Card From the Income Tax Office?

Contrary to popular belief, you cannot collect your PAN card from the Income Tax Office after submitting the application. Once the form is received, the details are verified, and the PAN card is sent by post to the registered communication address or email address. In case of non-delivery, the card can be collected from the nearest area post office by providing valid identity proof documents. The PAN verification status can also be tracked on the official NSDL website.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I have two PAN cards?

No, according to the Income Tax Act of 1961, having more than one PAN card is a violation of the law and can attract a fine of up to Rs. 10,000.

How can I apply for a PAN card offline?

Applicants can apply for a PAN card offline by obtaining the form online and submitting it with supporting documents to the nearest PAN center.

How can I make PAN card payments?

PAN card payments can be made online using debit/credit cards or net banking. Payment can also be made through a demand draft.


Obtaining a PAN card in 48 hours has become much more convenient thanks to the fast-tracked application process. By following the necessary steps and providing the required documents, you can receive your PAN card quickly. Make sure to check the PAN verification status online if you need to track the progress of your application. Apply for your PAN card today to access the various benefits it offers.

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