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July 28, 2023


The hotel business is a lucrative industry that has tremendous potential for success. However, to ensure its growth and profitability, it is crucial to construct and maintain hotels according to Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian architectural science. By following Vastu for hotels, you can create an environment that enhances the experiences of your guests, attracts more customers, and improves the financial condition of your hotel. In this blog post, we will explore the various aspects of Vastu Shastra for hotels and provide valuable tips to help you construct and maintain your hotel in accordance with Vastu principles.

Why Vastu for a Hotel?

Vastu for hotels plays a significant role in creating a harmonious and positive environment for guests. The layout of your hotel, according to Vastu principles, can attract more people and increase the popularity of your establishment. Additionally, it can enhance the financial well-being of your hotel and allow you to provide better services to your customers. In the following sections, we will discuss important Vastu tips for various aspects of hotel construction and maintenance.

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Hotel Plot Rules as per Hotel Vastu

Choosing the right plot for your hotel is crucial for its success. According to Vastu Shastra, it is advisable to select a rectangular, octagonal, square, hexagonal, or circular plot. These shapes are believed to bring financial benefits and encourage guests to return to your hotel.

Entrance as per Hotel Vastu

The entrance of your hotel is of utmost importance. It should be attractive, elegant, and welcoming to inspire guests to enter and experience your services. According to Vastu tips for hotels, the entrance should be easy to locate and accessible, without any obstacles.

Attractiveness and Beauty of Hotel

Enhancing the beauty and attractiveness of your hotel is essential for creating a memorable experience for your guests. You can achieve this by planting warm and attractive flowers, installing an exotic fountain, and ensuring your staff always greet guests with a smile. These elements contribute to the overall ambiance and aesthetics of your hotel.

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Location of Plot

The location of your hotel plot plays a vital role in its success. According to Vastu Shastra, all sides of the hotel should face roadways. If that’s not possible, at least the north and east sides of the hotel should face the roads. This ensures better communication with customers and attracts more guests to your hotel.

Area of the Hotel

Choosing an appropriate area for your hotel is essential for the flow of positive energy. The north and east sides of the hotel should be left open, as they have the maximum amount of positive energy. Additionally, the land slope should face the northeast direction to further enhance positive energy flow.

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Hotel Room Location

The location of hotel rooms also plays a crucial role in Vastu for hotels. Deluxe rooms, honeymoon suites, and conference rooms should be placed in the southwest direction. Massage rooms and spa treatments should also be located there. The first floor is ideal for conference halls as per Vastu tips.

Location of Beds in Hotel Rooms

According to Vastu Shastra, beds in hotel rooms should be placed in the south or west direction. This positioning ensures that guests’ heads are towards the south or east while they sleep. Additionally, the door to the balcony should be in the northern or eastern side, bringing good luck to your hotel business.

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Hotel Floors as per Vastu

The ground floor of your hotel is perfect for the reception area, small cafeterias, and a few rooms. This floor should primarily focus on the reception hall and kitchen. Furthermore, maintaining cleanliness and attractive decor in your hotel rooms and common areas is equally important as per Vastu Shastra. The placement of carpets can add comfort and elegance to the space.


Which side should the hotel face as per the Vastu Shastra?

According to Vastu for hotels, the northern-eastern direction is the ideal orientation for hotel construction.

Which direction is appropriate for the construction of the reception?

As per Vastu shastra, the south or west direction is suitable for establishing the reception area. It should be constructed in a way that instantly attracts customers.

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Placement of Fountains in Hotel

Adding fountains to your hotel can enhance its ambiance and attract a large number of customers. According to Vastu Shastra, water fountains should be placed in the east, northeast, or north sides of the hotel. The placement should be spacious and in an open area.

Hotel Kitchen Space

The kitchen is an integral part of any hotel. According to Vastu Shastra, the kitchen should be situated in the northeast direction of the hotel. It should have adequate lighting and a good ventilation system. If there are multiple kitchens, the main kitchen should be located on the ground floor in the southeast direction.

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Placement of Air Conditioners

Installing air conditioners in the north-east direction is recommended as per Vastu for hotels. For other electrical appliances such as water heaters, the northeast, east, and north sides are suitable choices. Proper air conditioning ensures the comfort of your guests during their stay.

Hotel Bathrooms

Besides bathrooms in each hotel room, there should be additional bathrooms for external use. According to Vastu tips, these bathrooms should be located in the west or northwest area of the hotel.

Decorating Colors for Hotel Rooms

Vastu suggests using warm colors such as cream, yellow, brown, or orange for the interior decoration of hotel rooms. However, shades of green and grey should be avoided as they may affect the profitability of your hotel.

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Placement of Swimming Pools

Adding a swimming pool to your hotel can make it more attractive. According to Vastu principles, swimming pools should be placed in the north, east, or northeast direction of the hotel. The pool area should be spacious and inviting to attract more guests.

Placement of Tables and Chairs

For the dining area, following the magnetic axis for the placement of tables and chairs is recommended as per Vastu Shastra. Comfortable furniture and tasteful decorations contribute to a positive and pleasant dining experience for your guests.


By implementing Vastu Shastra principles in your hotel construction and maintenance, you can create a harmonious and positive environment that attracts more guests and enhances their experience. From the selection of the hotel plot to the placement of various elements like beds, furniture, and fountains, each aspect of Vastu for hotels plays a significant role in the success of your business. So, follow these tips and make your hotel a thriving and profitable establishment.

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